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Meet the Hosts

Kaz Hustle

The last survivor of the universe which existed before ours, the being who became Kaz Hustle was once the mortal known as just Brandon. When the life cycle of his universe came to an end do to the over population of terrible musicians, he escaped certain death to be reborn on Earth. After years of incubation in a cocoon of music by the artists Twista & Korn, he emerged transformed into the devourer of beats. Since then, Kaz has prowled the globe in a never ending mission seeking to rid the world of terrible music. Oh, he's also a music producer, video editor, and Co-Owner of The Theme Team Remix and Reel Ones Podcast.

Milyssa Rose

This is Milyssa Rose's bio. It is part comedy and part seriousness. Because of I have a slew of accomplishments, I must try to brag about myself in a short blurb. Who am I kidding? I can not do anything small. GO BIG OR GO HOME. Google me.....I am warning you on what you may find. Here is a small current blurb......As of late 2021, Milyssa has added co-host to her roster of talents. She is on the Reel Ones Podcast Mondays and Thursdays at 9 pm eastern with Kaz and xBvDDx. The podcast discusses movies, drama, and everything in between. Milyssa works closely with the Reel Ones and their production company, The Theme Team. Find Milyssa's catchy tunes on Facebook, SoundCloud, YouTube, CD Baby, Spotify, iTunes, Only Fans, and PORNHUB. Visit her Official Website here:


I'm an artist, musician, photographer/videographer born in Marrietta georgia. I'm Co-Owner of The Theme Team Remix, and Reel Ones Podcast with ya boy Kazalicious. I like long walks in the park and gettin' jiggy with it. This one time at band camp, I saw the counselor in the shower and that's when it all went down hill...

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